One-Shot versus traditional Soft Serve Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, who will win the Real Profit Story benchmark on Service today?

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  • The best after-sales service, is no after-sales service!

  • How can you beat one moving part tested for 20+ years of life?

  • No fiddly parts such as ‘O’ rings, dasher blades and lubricants that can create a hidden cost!

The best after sales is no aftersales service! Soft serve equipment distributors are organized to give service on relatively complicated equipment requiring both scheduled and breakdown parts.

They have service engineers to carry out this work and office staff handling parts etc. This makes service on soft serve machines expensive in comparison to One-Shot that offers low-cost replacement equipment contracts.

Those that have operated a soft serve machine in the past will know exactly what we’re talking about. With One-Shot service worries are a thing of the past.