One-Shot versus traditional Soft Serve Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, who will win the Real Profit Story Costs incurred by Sanitizing today?

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  • Sanitizing? What Sanitizing? Buy One-Shot!

  • So you think you’re saving on labor costs buying a soft serve heat treatment machine?

  • Soft serve heat treatment machine owners, what are your REAL energy costs?

  • Are you flushing soft serve mix during the sanitizing process? Not with One-Shot!

Sanitizing is often considered the biggest issue and concern for conventional soft serve machine operators! By the very nature of the soft serve machine operational characteristics, plus the ever more restricting hygiene regulations, sanitizing

has become a major task. One-Shot dispensers require NO SANITIZING! This is achieved because product is dispensed directly from our patented Smart Container where no product comes into contact with any part of the dispenser.

A few minutes per day wash of the slide-out Smart Container holder is all that is required.