One-Shot versus traditional Soft Serve Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, who will win the Real Profit Story Energy Costs today?

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  • The One-Shot challenge, can you beat us on energy costs?

  • System One-Shot, the most energy efficient ice cream and frozen desert dospenser in the world!

  • Does your ice cream machine consume less energy than a standard domestic lightbulb?

  • Saving you money with rising energy costs!

Energy prices are rocketing all the time! Cheap energy is long gone and today energy has become one of the most important aspects of company expenditure. One-Shot product is delivered to you frozen, ready to use and consume. Soft serve machines convert liquid to a frozen dessert in your store. This requires substantial energy to operate the compressors, motors, heaters, etc. that make up a soft serve machine.In addition, the majority of soft serve machines are air-cooled, which       

means that the heat extracted from the mix when making the frozen dessert is pumped into your store and gives extra load and energy consumption to your air conditioning. In effect, you pay twice. For those people believing that “heat treatment” systems to eliminate frequent sanitizing, they should look at the extra energy costs on a daily basis covering heating, cooling and the extra load on air conditioning.

All is not what it seems. One-Shot is different! ‘System One-Shot’ is the most energy efficient ice cream and frozen desert dispenser in the world! Plugged into a standard socket with no special wiring, One-Shot dispensers only use energy when dispensing, and at their maximum dispensing capacity serving up to 240 portions per hour, they use no more energy than a standard domestic light bulb.